Auto Air Conditioning Services in Rowlett, Texas

We help keep your vehicle's A/C running all season

Maximize the functionality of your vehicle’s comfort systems with air-conditioning services from Lamberts Automotive in Rowlett, Texas. Call us at (972) 475-0906 or come by.

AC Repair

It is no secret that Texas summers are oppressive with unrelenting heat, and sometimes summer seems like it can linger for more than half of the year. If you have been experiencing problems with your vehicle’s AC, let our experts diagnose the problem. Whether it involves belts, hoses, or compressors, our shop is fully equipped to keep your AC running all year.

AC Recharging

Sometimes all that is necessary to get the cold air pumping again is a recharge. Bring your vehicle to us for a thorough refrigerant recharge.

AC Filter Change

Recharging is easy enough to do, but sometimes the solution to your air-conditioning problem is even simpler. Changing your system’s filter ensures that your AC will blow clean air at its maximum potential.

Cooling System Maintenance

Prevent costly repairs with regular cooling system maintenance from Lamberts Automotive. We inspect the hoses, sealants, belts, AC pressures, and compressor to make sure every component is in optimal working condition. Old or worn out parts will be fixed and coolants and fluids will be added when necessary.

Bring your car to our auto repair shop in Rowlett, Texas, for services that keep your AC operating efficiently.